Athletic Resources and Facilities

HMC operates in conjunction with Scripps and CMC to form the tri-college Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (CMS) Stags (men) and Athenas (women). The Stags and Athenas are headquartered at Ducey Gym on the CMC campus. The intercollegiate athletic program includes football, softball, water polo, diving, basketball, volleyball, soccer, cross country, swimming, track, lacrosse and tennis. The Stags and Athenas are members of the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC). For more information regarding specific athletic programs and team season game schedules, go to the CMS website.

Five-College Athletic Facilities

Listed here are the facilities which are available to the self-determined athlete and are used by our teams and club sports.

Tennis Courts

CMC has a tennis complex containing 12 courts, located south of Sixth Street across from Burns Stadium, and six courts located north of Ducey Gym on the east side of Mills Avenue. Courts are available to students only during those hours when classes or tennis team practice/matches are not being held. Night lighting is available.

Pomona has ten tennis courts at Sixth and Mills and four courts on the south end of campus bordering First Street. Four of the courts at Sixth and Mills and two of the four courts on First Street provide night lighting.

Swimming Pools

The CMC Axelrood Pool, located next to Ducey Gym, is usually open for workouts but has a lifeguard on duty only at certain times. Pool hours will be posted. This pool is usually used for team practices and swimming meets/water-polo games.

The Scripps College Athletic Pool is located at the Tiernan Field House. Climbing the fences is not permitted, and motion sensors and silent alarms are located throughout the pool area. Those caught in the pool outside authorized times are subject to disciplinary action.

Gymnasium Facilities

HMC Linde Activities Center has aerobics and weight rooms, meeting rooms and basketball, badminton and volleyball courts. Additionally, the LAC offers video rentals, T-shirt making facilities, sports equipment, hiking and surfing equipment rental, HDTV, ping pong, foosball and air hockey tables, a hangout room and a computing facility. Access and equipment are available to all HMC students and their accompanied guests. Call 909.607.1478 for more information.

CMC Ducey Gym (a joint facility for Scripps, HMC and CMC) is open each day and is available for student use when classes or team practices are not in session. ID cards are required to enter the weight room. There is a fitness room with aerobic and weight
machines. The weight room hours will be posted outside the door, or call Ducey Gym at 909.607.2904.

Pomona Rains Center has a weight room and badminton, basketball and volleyball courts. Equipment for these sports is available. Students not attending Pomona College may use these facilities with a paid membership only when classes or team practices are not in session.

Pitzer Gold Center has a swimming pool and a climbing wall. Students not attending Pitzer will need to pay a small fee to use the facilities.

Scripps’ Sallie Tiernan Field House is available to HMC students during most hours, with the exception of some Scripps-only and women-only times. ID cards are required for entry. The facility has an aerobics room, a weight room and a cardio machine room, as well as a pool. Hours are posted online, or call 909.607.8810 for more information.


There are running tracks located behind CMC’s Ducey Gym and located at the intersection of Mills and Sixth Street on Pomona’s campus. They are open at all times, seven days a week. The track teams have first priority.

Club Sports

  1. List of Approved Club Sports
    A club sport is an athletic activity. An athletic activity is defined as being physical in nature and having a winner or loser determined by either score or time. To be recognized as a club sport (team) they must meet the following test:

    1. Participation is open to all of The Claremont Colleges members and their affiliates, if individual league rules allow.
    2. The club (team) consists of participants from more than one institution.
    3. The club (team) competes against off-campus competition.

    Currently recognized club sports (teams) at The Claremont Colleges:

    • Men’s Rugby
    • Women’s Rugby
    • Men’s Lacrosse
    • Rowing – Coed
    • Men’s Ultimate Frisbee
    • Women’s Ultimate Frisbee
    • Pomona-Pitzer Men’s Volleyball
    • Cycling – Coed
    • Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Men’s Volleyball
    • Field Hockey – Coed
    • Pomona-Pitzer Women’s Lacrosse
    • Equestrian
    • Racquetball – Coed
    • Roller Hockey

    These are the only clubs or teams that should be considered for institutional funding and facility use. For any other club or team to be considered it must meet the approval by the Office of Risk Management and the Club Sports Program Director. The criteria that would be used to consider other approved club sports would be:

    • College willingness and ability to cover the proposed club (team) on the College’s insurance plan.
    • Availability of playing and/or practice opportunities for existing approved clubs.
    • No duplication of a varsity sport sponsored by the athletic departments.
  2. Use of name “The Claremont Colleges“ by clubs
    No club/team engaged in any athletic activity shall use the name “The Claremont Colleges: or any of the individual college names to define their club/team without being registered through the Club Sports Office. Should a club/team utilize the designation “The Claremont Colleges” without authorization, disciplinary procedures will be enforced by the appropriate agency of The Claremont Colleges.
  3. Club Sport Funding
    No organization that competes as a club sport (team) and is on the list of approved and sponsored club sports by “The Claremont Colleges” should receive any funding from any organization(s) associated with the Claremont Colleges unless they are registered with the Club Sports Office.

Intramural Program

The intramural program is designed to permit all students to participate in a variety of sports, including water polo, soccer and volleyball. For more information on the intramural program, call Ducey Gym at 909.607.2904, the ASHMC Athletic Director, any residence hall athletic representative or the Dean of Students Office.

Movie and Amusement Park Tickets

Discount Laemmle and Edwards Theatre movie tickets are available at the Connection by the south entrance of Honnold/Mudd Library. Laemmle tickets cost $5.00 apiece, while Regal Cinema red tickets cost $7.15 (these are not valid during the first 12 days of selected new releases but may be upgraded at the theater) and Regal Cinema blue tickets cost $8.25.

Five-College Theater

Located at Seaver Theater, this group stages several productions each year. Interested students should contact the theater department at Pomona College for details at 909.621.8186.

Concerts and Recitals

The Claremont Graduate University presents regular concerts during the academic year. The Joint Music Program of Claremont-McKenna, Harvey Mudd, Pitzer and Scripps Colleges hosts the Friday noon concert series at Balch Auditorium, as well as concerts on evenings and weekends. In addition, other groups perform throughout the day in various dining halls, lounges and coffee houses. Look for current announcements and series posters.

Art Galleries

Ruth Chandler Williamson Art Gallery. Located in the Lang Art Building on Scripps campus. Highlights of the year include the student showcases in the spring and the Scripps Ceramic Invitational. For more information call 909.607.4690.

Pomona College Museum of Art. Located at the corner of Bonita and College at Pomona College. Phone: 909.621.8283.

Graduate Art Building. Located on Eleventh and Columbia, two galleries in this building, the East Gallery and the Peggy Phelps Gallery, feature exhibits by the graduate students. The Masters of Fine Arts shows are also held here.