Meal Plan

With the exception of the residents living in the Atwood efficiencies, Linde, Brighton Park or CGU apartments or non-frosh living in Sontag, all students living on campus must be enrolled in one of the three meal plans. The meal plan options involve “Board Plus” dollars—a set amount of dollars available for your use at any Claremont College dining hall or retail site. The choices are 16 meals and $16 Plus per week, 12 meals and $12 Plus per week, and 8 meals and $8 Plus per week. Changes in the meal plan can be made through Student Accounts or the Dean of Students Office during the first week of the semester. Additional money may be loaded onto a student’s ID/meal card as Claremont Cash. This creates a debit card that can be used at dining halls, the Huntley Bookstore, and selected locations in the Claremont Village. The money on it cannot be withdrawn as cash. Money may be loaded at the Claremont Card Center at the south entrance of Honnold/Mudd Library or at the Claremont Cash website.

Hoch-Shanahan Dining Hall Regulations

  1. All students must present a valid meal card upon entering the dining hall.
  2. If the card is lost or invalidated, you must visit the Claremont Card Center located inside the south entrance of Honnold/Mudd Library within the next two meals to revalidate your card or obtain a temporary card. If you fail to do so, you will not be allowed to eat the third consecutive meal without first going to the office.
  3. Meal cards are not transferable. Students must use their own meal cards, although Board Plus can be used to purchase meals for guests.

Information on hours and menus may be found at the Dining Services website.

The Claremont College Snack Bars

Name Location Phone #
Shanahan Café HMC, Shanahan Center
Jay’s Place HMC, Platt Campus Center 909.607.0418
Grove House Pitzer College 909.607.3654
Pit-stop Cafe Pitzer College
Shakedown Cafe Pitzer College 909.607.3900
The Coop Store Pomona College 909.607.2264
The Coop Fountain Pomona College 909.607.3293
The Sagehen Cafe Pomona College 909.607.8637
The Hub Claremont McKenna College 909.607.1143
The Motley Coffeehouse Scripps College 909.607.3967
Honnold Café Honnold/Mudd Library 909.607.1703
Hagelbarger’s CGU 909.607.3297