Other Resources

Mail Service

The student mailroom is located in the Platt Campus Center. Enrolled students are assigned a mailbox. Students may access the mailroom using a combination code available from the Mailroom Staff or the Dean of Students Office (DOS). U.S. Postal Service (USPS) mail is sorted by student staff daily, typically by dinner time. Package delivery is handled separately from letter service. Students will receive an email notice if they have a package available for pickup in the mailroom. The addressee’s signature will be required before the item can be released. The mailroom is also a pickup site for DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS packages. Students may leave properly addressed and prepaid outgoing packages with the mailroom staff for pickup. Students may also purchase postage stamps at the mailroom. The student mailroom is not a substation of the U.S. Postal Service or any other shipping company. However, the Claremont Post Office is within walking distance, at the corner of Second and Harvard in The Village.

Claremont Card Center / Claremont Cash Program, South Entrance of Honnold / Mudd Library, 800 N. Dartmouth Avenue

Claremont Card website

The Claremont Card Center provides ID card services for The Claremont Colleges. There is no charge for your initial ID card, though a replacement card will cost $10. The Card Center also manages the Claremont Cash program. Claremont Cash can be used to purchase both food and non-food items throughout The Claremont Colleges, as well as at local merchants in and around Claremont. All students, faculty and staff of The Claremont Colleges have a Claremont Cash account established as soon as their ID card is created. Funds may be deposited into your account at the Claremont Cash website; with cash at The Coop Store or the Emett Center Store; or with cash, check or MasterCard/Visa at the Claremont Card Center. Unused funds will roll over from one year to the next. There are no cash withdrawals permitted until you withdraw or graduate from The Colleges, at which time you can request a refund of unused funds. You can use Claremont Cash at all undergraduate college dining halls, all retail food outlets and all on-campus convenience stores as well as at the Huntley Bookstore, Student Health Services, the Libraries and the Card Center. More than 20 merchants in the Claremont area also accept Claremont Cash. Please visit the website for more information on the program and to view a complete list of on- and off-campus locations that accept Claremont Cash.

College Libraries

College libraries website

Honnold/Mudd Library is the central library of the campuses.
800 N. Dartmouth Avenue.
Reference and Information, 909.607.3959
Periodicals and Reserves, 909.607.3968

Denison Library contains many periodicals as well as an extended collection in the humanities and fine arts.
Scripps Campus, 1090 Columbia Avenue.

Huntley Bookstore, Corner of Eighth Street and Dartmouth Avenue
Huntley Bookstore website

Huntley is the source for all the textbooks required for students’ course work. The bookstore offers a variety of other supplies including general books, art and office supplies, cards, gifts, snack foods, clothes and college paraphernalia. Other services include special book orders and sales of computer hardware and software. Huntley is open Monday–Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with reduced hours on Friday until 5:00 p.m., and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Emergency Fund

The Dean of Students Office has an emergency fund to assist students in times of financial emergency. Students should talk to Guy Gerbick regarding their financial situation and the need for short-term emergency funds.

Leonard Fund

The Leonard Fund supports small-scale, student-faculty interaction by reimbursing faculty members for entertaining small groups of students in a mealtime setting. Additionally, students may use this fund to invite a faculty member (and his or her spouse, if desired) to share a meal with a small group of students. The donor defines “small” as a group not to exceed 6-8 people. Pre-authorization by the Office of Academic Affairs is required for any use of the fund. The fund does not pay for alcohol.

Lost and Found

The central HMC Lost and Found is located in the Facilities and Maintenance Office in the basement of Platt Campus Center.