Policies on College Parties

(As of May 2004)

There are four types of parties at Harvey Mudd College, as explained at the website given below (Note: parties cannot be registered during Dry Week, the first week of the school year, and during Pre-Frosh Visitation. Parties are not allowed during summer break.). In accordance with state liquor laws, no admission may be charged for any party serving alcohol; however, party donations may be collected anywhere that advertising is allowed, but not in the direct vicinity of, or inside, the party. The Publicity Posting policy should be strictly adhered to. Properly secured fences with guarded gates must enclose any party at which alcohol is not contained indoors; no alcohol may enter or leave the party. There should be one toilet available inside the party for every 150 expected guests.

At any 5-college party, the alcohol must be distributed by 21-year-old or older “servers,” who are trained in the TIPS Program. Servers will be paid for their services and may not drink alcohol during the party. For all other parties, hosts must have previously attended a party-planning seminar which is administered by Social Committee Chairs. It is the responsibility of the servers to check IDs and monitor sobriety. Only those 21 or older will be served. For large parties, noise should be monitored with noise meters (provided by the DOS office) to ensure proper adherence to the City of Claremont noise policy. Live outdoor bands or DJs are strongly discouraged due to noise restrictions. Parties must end by 1 a.m. and can only occur on weekends. Campus Safety reserves the right to terminate any party. Note that these guidelines may be amended or abbreviated by the Social Committee and the Dean of Students in special circumstances. General guidelines will be used by the Dean of Campus Life (DCL) or Campus Life Coordinator (CLC) and the party sponsors when the party is registered.