Policy on Dorm Meetings

(As of October 2004)

Dorm meetings occur in order to discuss official dorm-related business. Dorm meetings may be held on weeknights and must end by midnight. Since many members of a dorm are over 21, and are therefore permitted to consume alcohol, it is possible that a significant number of people will want to be drinking. Since meetings are rather large gatherings, any meeting where people will be drinking must be registered with DOS at which time an agenda must be presented. A maximum of three dorms may sponsor a dorm meeting with alcohol on a given night. Only those 21 or older may be served alcohol. In accordance with state liquor laws, no admission may be charged for any event serving alcohol; however, donations may be collected, but not in the direct vicinity of, or inside, the event. The following is a general guideline which will be used by the DCL or CLC and the dorm meeting sponsors when the meeting is registered:

Dorm Meetings


Number of dorm residents and affiliates


Must be contained indoors


None required. It is the organizer’s responsibility to monitor drinking


None required


Dorm residents and affiliates


No advertising


Register with DOS on the day of the meeting by noon—one sponsor must be at least 21 (if alcohol will be present) and must stay sober for the duration of the meeting. Must present brief agenda at time of registration. For additional party registration guidelines see the DCL or CLC.

Student Event Registration

All events on campus require DCL and facilities Use Coordinator approval. Registration forms are available in the Dean of Students office and should be completed two weeks prior to the event date.