Publicity Posting Policy

(As of June 2008)

HMC Posting

Posters, signs, banners and table tents serve an important purpose on our campus. They communicate upcoming events and activities and disseminate information on important issues. All posting must comply with the guidelines set forth in this policy. Publicity relating to an alcoholic event requires the approval of the Dean of Students Office and may be denied approval if it does not comply with the guidelines set in “Content.” All posting must comply with the following specifications. Any posting for an alcoholic event must comply with the social posting policy given in the “Party Planning Packet” as well as this policy.


  • Posting is not allowed on doors, windows, light fixtures, personal property, the ground or any other non-permanent structure, unless the owner/resident agrees to the postering.
  • All posters need stamped approval by the Dean of Students Office prior to duplication. Stamping allows for 5-College posting as well.
  • Publicity may not be placed on top of other publicity.
  • Platt Campus Center: posting is allowed on the south-facing wall on the east side of Platt and on bulletin boards only. There is no posting allowed in the Platt courtyard. Flyers may not be stuffed into all student mailboxes.
  • Posting is not allowed on the west end of Platt or the interiors and exteriors of the academic buildings.
  • Chalking must be approved in advance by the Dean of Students Office and the Senior Director, Facilities and Maintenance.
  • Hoch-Shanahan Dining Commons: posting is allowed on the north-facing wall on the east side of the building, on bulletin boards and on the inside tables only. “Clothesline” posters must be approved and hung by the Dean of Students Office. There is no posting allowed in the courtyard and no posting on any walls west of the entrance doors. Posting on the donor wall is not allowed.
  • Academic and Administrative areas: posting is allowed on bulletin boards only. Permission to post publicity must be granted by the academic department where the bulletin boards are located.
  • Any publicity not adhering to this section may be removed by anyone.


  • Publicity may not contain any reference to alcohol, drugs or violence.
  • Publicity must not advertise events that restrict attendance on the basis of age, race, religion, color, disability, sex (gender or gender identity), sexual orientation, national origin, ethnic origin or political affiliation.
  • All publicity must contain, on each separate poster, the contact name of one individual and the means by which to contact them. Allowable contact information includes dorm name and room number, telephone number or email address. If publicity does not contain contact information, it may be removed immediately by anyone.


  • Publicity removal is the responsibility of the organizing party that initially posted the publicity and must be done in a timely manner. Chalking may require power washing for removal. Those expenses will be charged to the hosting party.
  • Posters may not be removed before the end of an event unless done so by the organizing party or deemed offensive and removed under the guidelines stated under poster removal.
  • After the event has concluded, publicity may be removed by anyone.

Offensive Publicity

While it is not the intention of the HMC student body to post offensive posters, it may happen from time to time due to the difference in personal taste, opinion or background. If a poster is thought to be offensive, it may be removed using the guidelines stated below. Moreover, any poster that does not meet the requirements listed under “Content” may also be removed under these guidelines. Elections posters are not exempt from this policy.

Poster Removal

  1. Only one of each offensive poster may be removed.
  2. The individual given on the poster should be contacted using his or her given contact information. At this time, if the individual approves the removal of the publicity, all of the offensive publicity may be removed. If the individual cannot be contacted in a timely manner or the offended party wishes to remain anonymous, the Disciplinary Board Chair, Judiciary Board Chair, Social Chair or Dean of Students Office should be contacted. The board chair or DOS should then attempt to contact the individual given in the contact information on behalf of the offended party. The removed poster should be taken to the party contacted as evidence of its offensive nature.
  3. If the individual cannot be contacted or does not approve of the removal of the publicity, the poster should then be taken either to the Disciplinary Board Chair, Judiciary Board Chair or Social Chair, in that order if possible. If the chair approves the removal of the publicity, all offensive publicity may be taken down at that time.
  4. If no board chair is able to be contacted within 24 hours by email, telephone or in person, the publicity may be taken to the Dean of Students Office, in which case DOS may approve the removal of the offensive posters.
  5. If either individual is not satisfied with the outcome and wishes to pursue the matter, a Disciplinary Board charge may be filed.
  6. Once the publicity is determined to be offensive and has been removed, it may not be re-posted.
  7. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in Disciplinary Board action.

Five-College Posting

Each of the 5-College campuses has its own postering policy. It is each student’s responsibility to visit the HMC Dean of Students Office for stamped approval prior to postering. Publicity should only be posted in approved locations. In addition, these conditions apply:

  1. Alcohol and other controlled substances may not be advertised explicitly or implicitly, in printed or pictorial form or through innuendo.
  2. Multi-college events are private functions, and they may not be advertised off campus.
  3. Names of sponsoring organizations or groups must appear on advertising.
  4. The Claremont Colleges reserve the right to remove any advertising that does not comply with the above regulations.
  5. Duct tape is not allowed at most of the 5Cs. For the complete posting policy, please see the dean of campus life.