Air Conditioning

All eight residence halls, along with Brighton Park are air conditioned. Please be aware of your energy use. If the air is on, close your room and suite windows.


Hot plates, hot pots and space heaters are not permitted due to their open coils and the fire hazard if left on and unattended. Refrigerators and microwaves are permitted if U.L. approved and in good working condition. Refrigerators should be dorm room- sized and Energy Star-certified. Residents should use power strips equipped with circuit breakers, rather than extension cords or “octopus” plugs. Extension cords are not allowed by order of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Cable Television

If you want to purchase cable television service for your room, contact Time Warner Cable at 888.255.5789 or visit the TWC website to arrange an account. You should be sure to cancel the cable television service at the close of the academic year to prevent continuous charges. Unauthorized cable television is a violation of FCC Code. No rooftop aerials or satellite dishes are allowed at this time. If your dorm wants information on the cable connection in your main lounge, contact Michael Edwards.


College staff will regularly clean public spaces such as all bathrooms, suite lounges, hallways, dorm lounges, laundry rooms and any other public spaces. Students are responsible for cleaning their private room spaces.


Residence hall furniture provided by the College consists of a bed, mattress, desk, desk chair, dresser and window draperies for each resident. Suite furniture varies by building.

F&M will inventory all furniture and draperies to ensure that they are in good condition at the close of each academic year. Residents are responsible for maintaining the good appearance and function of their dormitory furnishings. While normal wear is expected, excessive damage and vandalism will be charged to the resident(s) on a prorated basis. Residents should contact F&M if their furniture is unsafe or damaged.

The furniture placed in each student room is intended to stay there throughout the year. Residents may choose to store unnecessary College furniture in the storage area provided in their dorm. Residents must clearly identify stored items with temporary tape and assume the responsibility of returning these items prior to vacating their room. Failure to return the furniture may result in charges. Residents assume all risk associated with storing College furniture and financial liability for replacement. Should loss or damage occur, residents will be billed on a prorated basis for replacement.


All residence halls have coin-operated laundry facilities. If there’s a problem with a machine, submit a work order with the machine number and nature of the problem. A wash still costs only 50 cents and a dry is 25 cents.


If you are locked out of your room, your proctor can let you in or another proctor if they are not available. The on-call proctor should not be called for this service. If no proctor is available, you may call Campus Safety at any time, day or night, at 909.607.2000. They will charge $25 per key service. In all cases, entry to rooms is provided only to the resident(s) of the room or with direct, personal authorization from the person who lives in the room.


Leaky faucet? Broken window? During the day, you may report damages to your building attendant or you may submit a work order directly to the Facilities and Maintenance Office (F&M).If the repair requires immediate attention (e.g., overflowing toilet), call F&M at 909.621.8226.


At the end of each year, residents may store non-valuable personal items in a dorm storage room. As is the usual policy for any institution, the College is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of items left in storage. Under no circumstances will residents be allowed to remove personal items prior to the opening of the halls for upperclass students unless items have been stored in designated “summer storage” or “early arrival” storage. Space is limited, so residents should be considerate of how much they put in storage. For safe and affordable summer storage, students should investigate local mini-storage units. All space is on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition to dormitory storage room space, the College provides portable storage units (at considerable expense). Any personal possessions remaining in vacated student rooms, suites, lounges or bathrooms that are not owned by a summer resident will be discarded at the end of the year. All stored possessions must be removed from the storage areas no later than the second Monday following the beginning of classes to allow for cleaning. For more information, please see the summer storage webpage.


Each room is equipped with a telephone port. However, due to the rise of cell phone use and a transition to voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) equipment in the dorms, telephone line access is now optional. While still free, students must now indicate that they would like the port in their room activated. If you wish to have your telephone activated, please contact the Dean of Students Office.

Most students bring cell phones with them to HMC. If you bring a cell phone and decide not to install a phone in your room, please allow the College to use your cell phone as a contact number for you when on campus. That information will be collected on the Biographical Information Sheet distributed by the Registrar’s Office each fall.