Student Activities [Student Handbook]

Whether you seek diversions that are athletic, religious, literary, artistic, social, political or simply frivolous in nature, The Claremont Colleges are likely to have a group to match your interest. Many students find that the number of cocurricular activities that interest them far exceeds their spare time. Most student groups are always looking for new members. The key to making your academic experience a success is to supplement it with cocurricular activities.

At HMC, three student activity-coordinating groups exist to plan and implement a variety of events and programs. The Social Committee and the Committee for Activities Planning (CAP) are student government groups that provide funding and support for on- and off-campus events, respectively.

The Dean of Students Office also plans and implements student activities on campus. A group of students (known as DOS student activity assistants or DOS Muchachos) is hired yearly to work with CAP-appointed representatives to increase fun opportunities for students and coordinate nonalcoholic events.

Since 1998, HMC’s Linde Activities Center (LAC) has been the hub of students’ recreational and fitness activities. The LAC has aerobics and weight rooms, meeting rooms, a basketball court, video games, a television, an Xbox 360 and a gaming area, including foosball, billiards and ping pong. The LAC, located at the east side of campus, is open to all students of The Claremont Colleges.