Vehicle Regulations

All motor vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles and scooters, must be registered with Campus Safety and must display parking permits during the school year. Only sophomores, juniors, and seniors may bring motor vehicles to campus. First-year students are prohibited from bringing motor vehicles to campus and as such will not be granted a parking permit. Any exceptions must be approved by the Dean of Students, in collaboration with the Business Affairs Office after careful consideration of the facts and circumstances and supporting documentation. It is expected that exceptions to the policy will be very limited and will be granted in compliance with the municipal code amendment to Chapter 16.069 Institutional Districts, Section 16.069.090 Parking.

Permits cost $30 per semester for students living on campus and $20 per semester for students living off campus. The permit decal must be displayed on the lower windshield, passenger side; motorcycles should display the sticker on the front fork. Vehicles may also be registered at any time at the Campus Safety building.

Any vehicle which does not display a valid parking permit will be ticketed, with each ticket carrying a fine. After one unregistered vehicle ticket, the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense. Violations of these regulations constitute violations of the Disciplinary Code and may be brought before the Disciplinary Board.

Vehicles that are improperly parked are also subject to citation and a fine. Repeat violations will result in the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.

A temporary permit, for use with a short-term rental or by a visitor, may be obtained from Campus Safety at no charge.

Each year the student must obtain a new sticker stating the year of registration. The sticker permits parking only in lots marked as HMC lots. HMC students enrolled in courses at the other Claremont Colleges—or living at one of the other colleges—can request permission to park in a student lot at another Claremont College. Approval is reserved for those with serious health or scheduling problems. See the HMC Dean of Students for details.

Vehicles are not permitted to be parked on the grass, on landscaped areas or in any interior area of campus at any time. Parking in fire lanes (red curb) and handicapped spaces (blue curb or wheelchair logo) is prohibited and strictly enforced by Campus Safety, the Claremont Police Department and the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Gasoline-powered scooters, mopeds or motorcycles cannot be parked or stored in student rooms or anywhere within the vicinity of a residence hall or campus building. To accommodate the parking needs of faculty and staff who work in various buildings on campus, and to manage the potential impacts on surrounding neighborhoods, HMC has designated certain parking areas on campus for faculty and staff only, or student, faculty and staff as illustrated in the Parking Designation Plan.

No one shall work on and/or repair a vehicle in a campus parking lot for more than 72 hours. All surrounding areas must be clear of excess parts or debris. Under no circumstances will the careless handling of hazardous waste materials or the disposal of any such waste product be tolerated. All hazardous waste must be properly disposed of in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. Violators will be cited.


Although it is not necessary to register your bike with Campus Safety, we recommend that you do so. Many bikes are stolen every year, and registration makes it more likely that, if found, your bike will be returned to you. Bikes may not be parked in corridors, stairwells or lounges by order of the Los Angeles County Fire Department Evacuation Code. Bicycles may not be secured to any dormitory bed frame. Acceptable bike parking is within your room (with the approval of your roommate), in designated bike racks, or in residence hall storage rooms (space permitting). Bicycling is not allowed inside any campus building due to the safety hazard it poses. Bicycles left unsecured or inappropriately stored at the close of the academic year will be discarded.

For more information see the Campus Safety website.

Zipcar Rental

The national membership car rental company, Zipcar, maintains a fleet of vehicles at The Claremont Colleges. For a $25 annual membership fee, which includes a $35 credit for the first month, students can rent vehicles for $7+ per hour and $66+ per day. Gas, insurance and 180 miles are free with rental. Membership applications are available at under the Harvey Mudd College partnership agreement.


The Linde Activities Center has mountain bikes available for loan (free). Check with the staff at the front desk for details.

Dean of Students’ Van

Students may use the DOS van for official events sponsored by recognized groups and organizations. Prospective drivers must submit an application form with their driver’s license to the Dean of Students Office. Van reservations are managed by Amy Currier in the Dean of Students Office, 909.621.8125. The cost of van usage is $.55 per mile.


Students may use skateboards as a mode of transportation around The Claremont Colleges. However, due to the danger to others and the damage to the facilities, Campus Safety will stop anyone who is performing stunts, jumps or tricks. Skateboarding inside the academic and administrative buildings is not allowed.