Category: "Biology"

Students to Present Research on Human-Robot Teaming

November 24, 2014

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Who hasn’t had their cell phone ring at an awkward moment? Researchers at Harvey Mudd want to develop technology that intuitively adapts to the natural rhythms of our lives, so they are experimenting with new techniques for human‐robot teaming. The work is being done in computer science Professor James Boerkoel’s HEATlab (Human Experience and Agent Teamwork […]

Coral Genes May Help Solve Species Mystery

August 22, 2013

True corals reside in tropical reefs south of the equator, yet about 30 species of soft corals found in the Pēnghú archipelago west of Taiwan bear a strong resemblance to their southern neighbors, leading scientists to question if they are the same species. Students in the lab of Harvey Mudd College biology Professor Cathy McFadden […]

AIDS Course Inspires Students to Use Science to Serve Society

November 29, 2012

Harvey Mudd College students describe the HIV/AIDS course taught by Professor of Chemistry and Biology Karl Haushalter as life changing. “AIDS: Science, Society and Service” combines the science of the HIV infection and its treatment with the social, historical and political context of the disease. The interdisciplinary class features guest speakers from the community, multi-generational […]

Jack Cuzick ’70 Receives Cancer Research Award

November 2, 2012

Harvey Mudd College alumnus Jack Cuzick ’70 has received an award for his work in helping to prevent breast, cervical, colorectal and prostate cancers. Given by the American Association for Cancer Research and the Prevent Cancer Foundation, the 2012 Award for Excellence in Cancer Prevention Research recognizes those whose research has stimulated new directions in […]

HMC Professor’s Investigation of Cucumber Tendrils Reveals Possible Adaptive Spring

August 30, 2012

Imagine a spring that relaxes or tightens its hold depending on how far it is stretched. Such an adaptive device might be possible according to breakthrough biophysics research conducted by Harvey Mudd College’s Assistant Professor of Physics Sharon Gerbode during her postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University. Gerbode and collaborators Joshua Puzey, Andrew McCormick and L. […]