CES Clinic

The Harvey Mudd College Clinic Program is a hallmark of Harvey Mudd’s educational program. In the environmental studies Clinic, multi-disciplinary teams of students tackle real-world, technical problems of environmental significance for corporate or non-profit clients. The Center also may also jointly sponsor or consult on clinic projects with environmental components in various departments.

Environmental Studies Clinic Contact Information

If you are interested in sponsoring, advising, or participating in an Environmental Studies Clinic, please contact: Richard Haskell, director of the Center for Environmental Studies.

Past and Present Environmental Studies Clinics

2003-2004 – Environmental Studies/Engineering Joint Clinic:
“Design, Build and Test of a Bioreactor for Basic Resource Retrieval”

Sponsor: Grobecker Associates; Doug Grobecker, Liaison
Students on Team: Rose M. Hakim, Jason D. Komadina (Project Manager), Daphne G. Park, and Stephanie K. Wong
Faculty Advisors: Erik Spjut (Engineering), Tad Beckman (Humanities & Social Science)

2002-2003 – Environmental Studies/Engineering Joint Clinic:
“Development of a Remote Sensing System to Track Acorn Woodpeckers”

Sponsor: Center for Conservation Biology, University of California, Riverside; Michael Allen, John Rotenberry, Mike Hamilton, Wendy Hodges, Liaisons
Students on Team: Patricia Brock (Biology ’03 – Project Manager), Warren Katzenstein (Engineering ’04), Heather Lane (Engineering ’04), Stephen MacVicar (Engineering ’04), Brent Rojo (Engineering ’04)
Faculty Advisors: Lori Bassman (Engineering), Stephen Adolph (Biology)

2000-2001 – Environmental Studies Clinic:
“Analysis of Current and Regionally Appropriate Landscapes for Harvey Mudd College”

Sponsors: Harvey Mudd College, Jon Strauss & Mike Barber, Liaisons; Three Valleys Municipal Water District, Tim Worley, Liaison
Students on Team: Greg Alexander (Biology ’01 – Spring Project Manager), Chris Hanusa (Math/French ’01 – Fall Project Manger), Ryan Kirkby (Biology ’01), Jill Sohm (Biology ’01), Erika Wolf (Biology ’02 – Spring only), Megan Ritchie (Scripps Environmental Science ’02 – Spring only), Marci LaViolette (IPS Environmental Engineering ’02 – Fall only), Tracy van Cort (Math/Linguistics ’01 – Fall only)
Faculty Advisors: Nancy Hamlett (Biology), Tad Beckman (Humanities & Social Science)
For more information, please see the “Regional Landscape Clinic” site.