CES Programs


The Center has developed materials and an advising program for students interested in pursuing Environmental Studies. Students should find that an emphasis in environmental studies can easily be created within any major program at Harvey Mudd. This includes the interesting possibility of creating a complementing environmental concentration in the humanities and social sciences program. There are, of course, opportunities to major in environmental studies at another of the Claremont Colleges through the off-campus major program. For more information on pursuing Environmental Studies at HMC please see our academics page.


Given a sponsor, sufficient student interest, and a suitable multi-disciplinary problem, the Center may host a Clinic. Students participating in the clinic enroll in Envs 190: Environmental Studies Clinic. The Center also may also jointly sponsor or consult on clinic projects in various departments with environmental components. For more information please see our Clinic page.

Joshua Tree


The Center is able to provide support for student/faculty research, usually during the summer, although projects may be continued into the academic year. For more information on student/faculty research opportunities, past research projects, and research publications by students and faculty, please see our research page.