Senior Theses & Post Graduate Plans 2012

Thomas J. Aldrich:

“Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Radicinin Derivatives Against Xylella Fastidiosa, A Bacterial Pathogen of Grapevines.”  Thomas is headed to Northwestern University in the Ph.D. program.

Ryan Brewster:

“Density Functional Theory Study of a Tantalum-catalyzed Hydroamination Reaction.”   Ryan will attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigne.

Alix I. Chan

:  “Cross Coupling-Triggered Electrocyclization Cascades Toward the Endiandric Acids and Related Analogues.”   Alex is headed to Harvard University.

Kimberly Chung:

Effects of Varying Levels of RpoS on RpoS-Dependent Promoter Transcription in Escherichia coli.”  Kimberly will attend graduate school after she spends time in her Taiwanese homeland mountains.

Samantha L. Fisher:

Determining the Lyotropic Phases of n-Heptylthioglucoside in Methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate.”   Samantha will enter the work force.

Eun Young Ham:

“Antibacterial Properties and Biocompatibility of 3-D Chitosan-Collagen Scaffolds for the Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury.”

Nagiko Hara:

“A New Library of 2, 7-Disubstituted Fluorenes for Liquid Crystal Applications.”  After spending the summer here at Mudd continuing research, Nagi will enter the work force.

Hayden A.M. Hatch:

“Studying Cockroach Habituation to Cercal Stimulation Using a Bio-Robotic “RoboRoach” System.”  Hayden will enter the work force and plans to apply to medical school.

Malous Kossarian:  “

The Amide Acetal Claisen Rearrangement for Acetals of Cyclic Amides.”  Malous will attend Northwestern University this fall.

Jessica S. Kurata:

“The Role of the Protein Fushi Tarazu in Regulating HOX Gene Expression in Drosophila melonagaster.”  Jessica has entered the Ph.D. program at the City of Hope.

Emily Putnam:

“Competition of shRNAs in a Triple tRNA-shRNA Construct for ex vivo Gene Therapy Treatment of HIV-1.”  Emily will enter the work force and then apply to graduate school.

Kim Quach:

“Optimizing the Synthesis of (+)-Artemone.”   Kim will attend Yale University.

John W. Robinson:

Vapor Detection Using Nematic Liquid Crystals.”  John has an internship in nuclear chemistry at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory at the Seattle branch.

Vincent Shieh:

“Brown Carbon in Claremont, California:  Concentration and Characterization.”  Vincent has entered the work force with a position at Medtronic.

Veerasak Srisuknimit:

“Synthesis of a Fluorescent Tetrahedral Metal-Organic Complex.”  Jeep received a Watson Fellowship, and will attend Harvard University.

Russell Thompson:

“Characterization of the Effect of a Compressed Collagen Environment and Proteoglycans on the Expression of a-SMA and ALDH1A1 by Subcultured Rabbit Cornal Keratocytes.”   Russell is attending medical school to pursue his MD/PhD degree at Washington University in St. Louis.

Mary Van Vleet:

“Factors Controlling C-C Reductive Elimination  from Two Isomeric Platinum (IV) Complexes.”   Mary is attending University of Wisconsin this fall.

Jonathon Witte:

“Glutaraldehyde-Mediated Crosslinking of Collagen and Chitosan.”  Jonathon will attend UC Berkeley.