Summer Research 2013

Undergraduate chemistry majors and underclassmen strongly considering a major in chemistry were invited to participate in the Summer Research program of 2013, funded by the NSF. This summer program ran for 10 weeks under the direction of Professor Karl Haushalter. We have students conducting research, learning about the chemistry profession, and honing their presentation skills. They also will participate in a variety of social activities.

HMC Chemistry Summer Research

Quakes Game/Rancho Cucamonga
Haushalter Lab


Left to Right: Ozzie Muro (Stanford ’15), Christian Stevens ’14, Mary May ’15, and Chris Zazueta ’14

Mary May ’15:“Multiplexing for Use in HIV Gene Therapy”
Osvaldo Muro ’15 (Stanford):“The Effect of Linker Sequence Length on tRNA-shRNA Processing”
Christopher Zazueta ’14:“tRNase Z Processing of tRNA-shRNA Chimeras”

Hawkins Lab
Left to Right:  Stephanie Weimeng Kong ’15, Jonpaul Littleton ’15, Professor Hawkins, Madeline Hartley ’16, Katherine Gonzalez (Rialto High School ’14), and Katherine Muller ’14

Maddie Hartley ’16 & Katherine Gonzalez (Rialto HS ’14):  “Online Sampling System for Organic Carbon and UV-VIS Absorption of Aerosols”
Stephanie Weimeng Kong ’15:  “Analyzing Atmospheric Aerosol with Atomic Force Micropscopy”
Jonpaul Littleton ’15:  “Constructing a Fog Chamber”
Katherine Muller ’14:  “Mass Spectrometry of Atmospheric Aerosols”

Johnson Labaj
Left To Right:  Professor Johnson, Ashka Shah ’16, Soeun Shin (Mt. Sac ’15), Danielle Marquis ’15
Danielle Marquis ’15:  “Chiral Ligand Development for Hydroamination Catalyst”
Ashka Shah ’16:  “Asymmetric Catalytic Hydroamination: New Ligand Design and Synthesis”
Soeun Shin (Mt. Sac ’15):  “Asymmetric Catalytic Hydroamination: New Ligand Synthesis”

Van Heuvelen Lab


Left to Right: Jessica Iwamoto ’16, Jennifer Rogers ’16, Casey Cannon ’16, Professor Van Heuvelen, Philip Woods ’15, Jessica Correa (Upward Bound)

Casey Cannon ’16:  “Studying Dechlorination by Modeling Cobalamin”
Jessica Iwamoto ’16:  “Dechlorination Activity of Coblalamin”
Jennifer Rogers ’16:  “Synthesis of Cofactor F430 Model Compounds”
Philip Woods ’15:  “Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane by Nickel Complexes”

Vosburg Lab
Left to Right (ground):  Nick Chiappini (Drew University ’14), Eun Bin Go ’15, Stephanie Cheng (Mt. Sac ’15), Shannon Wetlzer ’16, Left to Right (Standing):  Brian Fielder ’14, Professor Vosburg, Jonathan Keim (Baylor University ’14)

Nick Chiappini (Drew U ’14)“Towards A Total Synthesis of Erythryphloin C”
Eun Bin Go ’15“Towards a Total Synthesis of Erythrophloin C”
Jonathan Keim (Baylor U ’14)“Towards A Total Synthesis of Erythryphloin C”
Shannon Wetzler ’16“Biomimetic Synthesis of Artemone”

Van Ryswyk Labvr
Left to Right:  Sejal Shah ’14 and Mo Zhao ’16

Sejal Shah ’14:  “Grow of Zinc Oxide Nanorods for Use in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells”
Mo Zhao ’16:  “Effect of Dye pKa on Injection in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells”