IconNMR is the data acquisition software available for walk-on users of the DPX400. IconNMR provides an easy-to-use software interface for common 1H and 13C experiments in a range of common NMR solvents.

While IconNMR also provides an interface to experiments on other nuclei (such as15N, 19F, and 31P), such experiments at present require manual tuning and matching of the probe. Thus, if you wish to acquire spectra on nuclei other than 1H and 13C, you need to acquire the spectra manually.

IconNMR handles the following tasks in setting up, running, and processing an NMR experiment:

  • Prompts for sample insertion;
  • Prompts for data file name, solvent, and type of experiment;
  • Locks on the solvent;
  • Shims the magnet;
  • Acquires the FID;
  • Processes the FID by Fourier transformation and does phasing;
  • Integrates 1H spectra;
  • Does peak-picking;
  • Plots the spectrum.

Of course, your data are available for off-line processing at any time. This may be useful if you do not like the phasing and/or integration done by IconNMR. You may also wish to expand or replot a section of your spectrum.

Learn more about IconNMR (PDF) and its use.


TopSpin is the full-featured data acquisition and analysis software running onDPX400. You may also use XWinNMR to analyze data on any of the Chemistry Department SGI cluster machines. More information regarding TopSpin is available.