NMR Resources


The HMC Chemistry Department has a Bruker DPX 400 – a Fourier transform system with a 400MHz cryogenic magnet and gradients capabale of spectroscopy on a wide range of nuclei, ranging in resonant frequency from 109Ag to 31P.

Data Analysis Software

TopSpin is the data acquisition and analysis package running on DPX400. Quick-start instructions for how to set up and execute experiments using TopSpin are available.  You are encouraged to analyze your data off-line with one of two software pacakges:

  • TopSpin (PDF) as served by the nmr workstation for use from PCs and Macintoshes.  TopSpin can analyze one-, two-, and three-dimensional data generated on DPX400. Instructions for saving your output as graphics files are also available.
  • NUTS (PDF) runs on Macintoshes and  PCs.  Nuts can analyze one-dimensional data.

NMR References

A page of NMR references is also available.