HMC Documents:

The following documents are available in Adobe PDF format to members of the HMC Community. (You may obtain a free copy of Adobe’s PDF Reader for Mac, PC, or Unix box.)

NMR Data Acquisition and Processing Software

  • IconNMR (PDF), a quick-start document describing the easy-to-use IconNMR software interface to the Bruker Avance DPX-400 NMR.
  • TopSpin (PDF), a quick-start document describing the advanced, full-featured software interface to the Bruker Avance DPX-400 NMR. (Note: TopSpin runs only on Chemistry Department workstations.)

NMR Processing Software for PC and Macintosh

  • One-, two-, and three-dimensional NMR data may be analyzed off-line on PCs and Macintoshes using the same TopSpin software used on the spectrometer.  Instructions for running TopSpin on the NMR workstation from either of these platforms are available.
  • It is also possible to save the output of your data processing as a graphics files for inclusion in a report or publication.
  • Data from the NMR workstation may be transferred via the network or to a USB drive.

Bruker Documents:


  • IconNMR manual: Routine spectroscopy and automation — complete manual. (July 2000, 1.5Mb)


  • Avance Beginner’s Guide: Introduction to the Avance spectrometer. (May 2003, 2.2Mb)
  • Basic Experiments: Introduction to basic 1D and 2D spectroscopy on Avance instruments. (August 2000, 0.9Mb)
  • Basic Experiments: Updated introduction to basic 1D and 2D spectroscopy on Avance instruments. (August 2003, 1.8Mb)
  • 150 and More Basic NMR Experiments: Basic information to execute experiments described in:”150 and More Basic NMR Experiments”, S. Braun, H.-O. Kalinowski, S. Berger; VCH Weinheim, Germany (January 2000) 0.9Mb)


  • AU Reference: How to write AU programs. Description of all AU macros, functions and variables. List of Bruker AU programs. (May 1999, 0.9Mb)
  • NMR-Sim: Simulation of NMR experiments — complete manual. (March 1999, 1.9Mb)
  • NMR-Check: Spectrometer hardware checks and remote service. Complete manual — covers SGI version only. (April 1999, 0.6Mb)
  • Shimming an NMR Magnet, by Gerry Pearson. Comprehensive and instructive! (December 1991, 0.3Mb)

WWW Links:

  • Bruker’s NMR Guide 3.1 and Encyclopedia, with details on calibration, pulse sequences, and one-, two-, and three-dimensional experiments.
  • J.P. Hornak’s NMR tutorial, with a heavy emphasis on theory.
  • Rider University’s NMR tutorial, with a heavy emphasis on practical aspects of typical experiments.
  • NMR periodic table for the University of Illinois.
  • The FID Archive from Pacific Lutheran University.
  • MAG-NET at the University of Akron.
  • NMR Information Server at the University of Florida.
  • Prof. Kessler’s laboratory in Munich.
  • NMR meets Musicians, sounds generated on a spectrometer.
  • The Acorn homepage for NUTS.
  • The Magnet is Always On, a movie from the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics with a humorous section dealing with loose wrenches in the field of large magnets.


  1. Friebolin, Horst. (1998). Basic One- and Two-Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH.
  2. Braun, S.; Kalinowski, H.-O.; Berger, S. (1998). 150 and More Basic NMR Experiments. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH.


Acquisition of the Harvey Mudd College Bruker Avance DPX-400 spectrometer was made possible via the generous support of the following:

The National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation Program CHE-9724364.

The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation’s Special Grant Program in the Chemical Sciences.

The Dow Chemical Foundation.

The Kenneth Norris Foundation.