Specifications Chart

IconNMR Experiments

Currently defined IconNMR experiments of interest to the novice user are shown below. In general, these are the experiments whose names begin with HMC.

More advanced users may select from the full range of experiments. In addition, experimental parameters, such as D1, NS, and TE may be changed with the EDIT PARAMETERS menu.

Experiment Name Description/Sampling Time
PROTON  1H spectrum with integration & peak picking. 8 scans, 1.5 min.
PROTON128  1H spectrum with integration & peak picking. 128 scans, 13 min.
C13CPD  13C spectrum with gated decoupling and peak
picking.1024 scans, 58 min.
C13CPD32  13C spectrum with gated decoupling and peak
picking.32 scans, 2 min.
C13DEPT45  13C 45° DEPT (Distortionless Enhancement by
Polarization Transfer), shows only CHx (all positive).32 scans, 13 min.
C13DEPT90  13C 90° DEPT, shows only CH (all positive).32 scans, 2 min.
C13DEPT135  13C 135° DEPT, shows CH, CH3 positive, CH2 negative.32 scans, 2 min.
C13APT  13C APT (Attached Proton Test), shows CH0 and CH2
positive, CH and CH3 negative.32 scans, 15 min.
COSYGS  2-dimensional COSY (proton-proton COrrelation
SpectroscopY) with gradients. 5 min.
HSQCGP  2-dimensional inverse-detection HSBC (Heteronuclear Single Quantum Coherence) Carbon-Hydrogen correlation with gradients. 14 min.
HCCOSW  2-dimensional Carbon-Hydrogen correlation. 38 min.