Academic Committees

Harvey Mudd College Faculty Committee Membership and Other Service Assignments for 2012-13

The first committee member listed is the convener.  Unless otherwise noted, committees select their own chairs.  An asterisk indicates an ex-officio member.

Academic Affairs Committee

Fall: Jacobsen (chair), Williams, Kuenning, Haushalter, Dyson, Orwin, Sparks, Daub, Browning*
Spring: Jacobsen (chair), Williams, Drewell, Kuenning, Van Ryswyk, Hamilton, Orwin, Townsend, Daub, Browning*

Assessment and Accreditation Committee

Dodds (14) (Fall ’12), Wiedermann (15), Gerbode (15), Yang (14) (Spring ’13 convener), Tan (13), Williams (15), Ditwiler*, Gerbick*, Hastings*

Budget Committee

Van Hecke (chair) (13), Bush (15), Karukstis (13), Wright (13), Groves*, Dorantes*, Klawe*

Computing Committee

Sahakian (13), Castro (13), Gu (14), ASHMC*, Vaughan*

Curriculum Committee

Karp (14), Townsend (13), Evans (13), Cardenas (14), Sweedyk (15), Daub*, Ditwiler*, Ashley*, Kome*, Stone*

Research Committee

Vosburg (13), Balseiro (15), Hightower (14), Pippenger (14), Coons*, Orwin*, Kome*, Stone*

Scholarly Standing Committee

de Laet (14), Esin (14), Molinder (15), Stone (13), Browning*, Jacobsen*, Ashley*

Study Abroad Committee

Orrison (14), Hightower (13), Hamilton (15), Chen (15), Chiles*, Financial Aid*, Student Accounts*

Teaching and Learning Committee

Levy (13), Dyson (13) (Fall ’12), Stoebel (14), Lape (15), Hawkins (15), Lyzenga (15) (Spring ‘13), O’Neill (14), Kome*, Stone*

Institutional Review Board

Ahn (13), Glater (14)

Department Chairs

McFadden, Van Ryswyk, Duron, Libeskind-Hadas, Su (Fall ’12), Bernoff (Spring ’13), Saeta, Wright, Daub*, Groves*

Faculty Executive

Karukstis (chair) (13), Haushalter (14), Martonosi (15), Orwin (14), Donnelly (15), Steinberg (13), Gaskin* (ASHMC), Browning*, Groves*, Klawe*

Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure

Haskell (chair) (14), Alves (15), Wang (15), de Pillis (14), Johnson (13), Groves*, Karukstis

Ad Hoc Committees

Core Curriculum Advisory

Bassman, Donnelly, Dyson

Teaching and Learning Building Advisory Committee

Jeff Groves (Chair), David Dower, Clive Dym (F’12), Erika Dyson, Mike Erlinger (F’12), Dagan Karp, Kerry Karukstis, Dan Petersen, Mark Ashley, Joseph Vaughan, Elizabeth Kelley

2012 Special Assignments

HMC Assignments

  • Aero Scholarship Committee – Haushalter, Dodds, Levy, Jacobsen, Van Hecke
  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs: Jacobsen
  • Associate Dean for Diversity: Yong
  • Associate Dean for Faculty Development:  Mashek
  • Associate Dean for Research and Experiential Learning: Orwin
  • Binder Prize Committee: Daub, Sullivan
  • Computer Science Clinic Director:  Kuenning
  • Core Curriculum Director: Daub
  • Director for the Center of Environmental Studies:  Haskell
  • Emergency Management Committee: Ditwiler
  • Engineering Clinic Director: Spjut
  • Engineering Assistant Clinic Director: Yang
  • Fellowships: Van Hecke (Fulbright), Bassman (Watson), Drewell (British)
  • Global Clinic Director: dePillis
  • Henry T. Mudd Prize Selection Committee: Groves, Karukstis
  • HSA Advising Coordinator: Alves
  • Incident Management Committee: Ditwiler
  • Mathematics Clinic Director: Martonosi
  • Nelson Series:  Mayeri
  • Physics Clinic Director: Haskell
  • Pre-Med Adviser: Haushalter
  • Pre-Teaching Advisor: Yong
  • Presentations Days: Co-Chairs: Orrison and Sparks; Committee: Hawkins, Pippenger, King, Mayeri, Keller, Glater
  • Safety and Emergency Preparedness: Mashek (convener), Remer, Eckert
  • Spacapan Memorial Scholarship Committee:  Balseiro, Karukstis, Van Hecke
  • Web Advisory Group: Vosburg

HMC Board of Trustees Assignments

  • BOT Educational Planning: Karukstis#
  • BOT Physical Plant and Campus Planning:  Erlinger#
  • BOT Budget: Van Hecke#
  • BOT Student Affairs: Jacobsen#
  • BOT Development: Van Ryswyk#

# Appointed

5-C Assignments

  • Advisory Board for Library Planning: Alves
  • Bernard Field Station Faculty Advisory Committee: Stoebel
  • CMS Athletic Representative:  Vosburg
  • Committee on Religious Affairs: Little, Vosburg
  • Faculty Representative on Health Care Benefits on the Joint BFAC/HRC Committee: Erlinger
  • Intercollegiate Faculty Council: Karukstis
  • Sustainability: Haskell
  • Women’s Studies Coordinating Committee: Mayeri
  • Women’s Studies Curriculum Committee: Ahn

Safety Officers

  • Chemical Hygiene: Manisco
  • Radiation: Haskell
  • Emergency Preparedness and Safety: Cruse