Dean of Faculty Staff

Core Curriculum Director

G. William Daub

Jacobs 1207

  • Oversees Core scheduling, staffing and assessment
  • Facilitates development of electives for first year students, both at Harvey Mudd and in the 5-C’s
  • Member:
    • Department Chairs Committee
    • Curriculum Committee
    • Academic Affairs Committee
    • Trustee’s Educational Planning Committee

Associate Dean for Diversity

Daryl Yong

Olin 1265

  • Co-Director of Summer Institute
  • Co-Organizer of the Harvey Mudd Mentoring Program
  • Aids departments in identifying qualified underrepresented candidates for faculty positions

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Jon “Jakes” Jacobsen

Office of Academic Affairs (east wing of Platt)

  • Monitors academic workload and progress, especially for the College Core
  • Coordinates the First-Year Advising Program
  • Reviews and approves student overloads and incompletes
  • Oversees the Off-Campus Major, Program of Transfer Studies and Individual Program of Studies
  • Chairs the Academic Affairs Committee
  • Member:
    • Curriculum Committee
    • Trustees’ Student Affairs Committee
    • Scholarly Standing Committee

Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Laura Palucki Blake

  • Partners with academic and administrative units to develop and manage comprehensive institutional research, assessment and strategic planning to support the curricular, analytical, informational, reporting needs of the college.
  • Coordinates and manages the WASC accreditation process, including serving as the institution’s liaison to the accrediting agency; assisting in the implementation of programmatic and assessment modifications and improvements
  • Collects, prepares and disseminates results in response to internal requests for information; coordinates data collection and responses to external surveys and requests for information.

Director of Academic Operations

Eric Ditwiler

Sprague 101

  • Retrieves data from institutional databases and participates in its analysis
  • Explores ways of using technology to enhance learning and the assessment of learning
  • Staffs the Assessment, Curriculum, Faculty Budget and Teaching and Learning Committees
  • Serves as Secretary to the Faculty
  • Serves as Secretary to the Academic Deans Committee of The Claremont Colleges
  • Coordinates student evaluation of teaching
  • Builds database infrastructure for administrative and institutional research functions
  • Supervises machine and electronics shops

Machine Shop Manager

Paul Stovall

Shop: Galileo B5

  • Manages main and student shops
  • Build apparati for experiments
  • Trains students in safety and the use of shop tools

Scientific Instrumentation Support Technician

Walter Cook

Shop: Parsons B10

  • Repairs and builds electronic devices and components
  • Works with departmental laboratory coordinators to prepare for research and instructional experiments
  • Supports the Table Mountain Observatory

Director of Corporate Relations

Barry Olsan

Sprague 409

  • Manages the College’s comprehensive corporate relations program to promote the College within the corporate sector
  • Works closely with clinic directors and the academic community in the implementation of the Clinic Program, including assembling the annual project portfolio
  • Develops partnership opportunities and funding sources to support college-based needs and programs
  • Directs the Board of Trustees’ Clinic Advisory Committee
  • Works closely with the Office of Career Services to foster corporate relationships and promote career development
  • Works with other campus partners to coordinate additional corporate partnership opportunities including the President’s Scholars Program, campus visits and other special events and activities

Coordinator, Corporate Relations

Kelly Barker

Sprague 409

  • Coordinates special events, campus tours, and other corporate, sponsor and donor-related stewardship activities
  • Assists with the coordination of Projects Day
  • Coordinates spring weekly Clinic post-presentation luncheons
  • Coordinates travel for Director and Clinic Directors
  • Handles administrative and budget details for Corporate Relations unit

Director of Learning Programs

Wendy Menefee-Libey

Shanahan 1472

  • Oversees the Harvey Mudd Writing Center
  • Oversees the Academic Excellence Program
  • Member (ex officio) of Core Coordinators Committee

Director of Study Abroad

Rhonda Chiles

Platt Campus Center

  • Oversees the Harvey Mudd Study Abroad Program
  • Organizes outreach and recruitment for the Harvey Mudd Study Abroad program
  • Counsels students on all aspects of the Study Abroad process
  • Develops and coordinates Study Abroad promotional programs, informational materials and various orientations sessions
  • Chairs the Study Abroad Committee

Director of Upward Bound

Angie Covarrubias Aguilar

Platt Campus Center [downstairs]

  • Supervises Upward Bound staff, conducting staff meetings, staff training and evaluation, and personnel management
  • Prepares, allocates and controls budget
  • Coordinates all programs and student academic assessment activities
  • Coordinates program evaluation and annual performance reports
  • Facilitates commitment of resources
  • Prepares funding proposals
  • Supervises recruitment and selection of new Upward Bound participants
  • Organizes outreach efforts to parents, target school staff, the Harvey Mudd community, local community organizations, summer mentors and supporting agencies and programs

Assistant to the Dean

Holly Hauck

Sprague 403

  • Assists the Dean of Faculty (DOF) in hiring of new faculty, including their moving expenses
  • Supports the Fellowships Committee in coordinating college-wide scholarships
  • Assists with the preparation of the Educational Planning Committee for the Board of Trustees
  • Coordinates the DOF staff meetings
  • Assists the Dean with budget analysis and processing of faculty search expenses and start-up funds
  • Coordinates the robing of faculty at commencement
  • Processes J1 visas for visiting faculty and students
  • Maintains the faculty database
  • Assists the Dean with preparing faculty salary letters
  • Helps with the summer research program by gathering data for payroll
  • Updates faculty notebook on a periodic basis
  • Member Staff Outreach Committee

Administrative Assistant

Esther Hughes

Sprague 403

  • Schedules and maintains the Dean of Faculty’s calendar
  • Coordinates administrative activities for the DOF office
  • Organizes and maintains Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure (RPT) case files
  • Reconciles monthly purchase card(s) statements for the DOF staff
  • Coordinates travel arrangements for DOF office
  • Processes payables, reimbursements, and travel reports for the DOF office