M^3 Guidelines

Our expectation is that you will meet with your mentee face-to-face at least four times during the academic year and check in with your mentee at least once a month via email or phone. You should discuss with your mentee how often you’d like to meet and check in during your first meeting. One of the mentoring program coordinators (Darryl or Angelica) will periodically send emails to you with helpful information and reminders.

You have an annual budget of $200 for you and your mentee. These funds can be used for meals, excursions, books, videos, travel expenses—anything that will enhance your mentoring relationship. If you’re unsure about whether something can be reimbursed, just ask. The easiest way to get reimbursed for mentoring-related expenditures is to use the M^3 Reimbursement Web Form.

You can also mail your receipts, along with a brief description of the expenses, to me at:

Darryl Yong
Harvey Mudd College
301 Platt Blvd
Claremont, CA 91711

If you think you might need more funds for a special excursion or item, just send me a note and I’ll check the status of the mentoring program budget for the year.

Thanks so much for being willing to take on this special role for one of our Mudd students. We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know your mentee over the next few years!