Minimum of three graduation applications (one for commencement; one for your major; one for Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts) are required of all graduating seniors. Please read the following instructions before completing the applications.

Major-Required Courses

List all completed major-required courses as well as those either in progress or planned for Spring 2014. Place IP (In Progress) in the grade column for courses that are current or planned for the spring. If a course has been approved for a substitution (study abroad, summer work, etc.), list the substitute course in the appropriate box and have your advisor initial beside it.

  • Obtain the signature(s) of your major advisor(s).
  • Indicate the way your name is to appear on your diploma.

Double Majors

If you have a double major, a separate graduation application must be completed for each major. If one of your double majors is off-campus, an Off-campus Second Major Graduation Application must be completed.

Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts Applications

Obtain your HSA graduation application from your HSA advisor. Complete the application and have your HSA advisor review, update and sign the form. Be sure that the course numbers and titles on the application match the corresponding courses on your HMC transcript. If you did not complete a listed course, have the form updated and signed by your HSA advisor before submitting it to the Registrar’s Office.

Which Catalogue Should I Use?

It is the student’s responsibility to make certain that all degree requirements are satisfied. Students may elect to complete the graduation requirements stated in any HMC Catalogue in effect during their enrollment at HMC, but they may not mix provisions from various catalogues. It will be assumed that you are using the HMC 2010-2011 Catalogue (the catalogue in effect when you started at HMC) unless you indicate otherwise at the top of your graduation application.

Use the student portal to view your current degree audit. The audit will show the completion of the core and major requirements.

When Are These Applications Due?

Return ALL graduation applications (Commencement application, Major graduation application(s) and HSA application) to the Office of the Registrar by the published deadline for submitting your application for spring graduation. Deadline is published on the applications. Applications received after this deadline will be interpreted as applications for the following fall semester.