Registration Tips

Closed Classes

Monitor current enrollment status of desired classes on the portal for closed classes and request PERMS if necessary.

  • An approved PERM can get you into a class that has been closed.
  • An approved PERM can also put you on a waitlist, at the instructor’s discretion.


Check for Prerequisites, corequisites, concurrent requisites, and other requirements.

  • Non-HMC classes may have a limited number of seats for HMC students, even if the section still has open seats.

Time Conflict

Check for time conflicts between your selected classes.

  • Slight overlaps may be resolved with a Class Conflict Approval Form available online or at the Registrar’s Office.
  • All instructors for affected classes must sign the conflict approval form, even if the conflict is resolved by only one instructor.
  • You must submit the signed form to the registrar’s office before you can add the second conflicting course via portal.


Get your overload approval (if needed) from Dean Jacobsen (Academic Affairs located in Platt Campus Center) before your pre-registration appointment time.

Special Course Form

Some classes (i.e., Independent Study) may require a special form.  You must submit the completed form by the add deadline in order to be registered.

  • It is your responsibility to enroll in all classes (including team sports).  An instructor may give approval, but you are responsible for adding the class to your schedule.