Disability Services

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 as amended and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 provide that individuals with disabilities are protected from discrimination and may be entitled to reasonable accommodation.  This includes individuals with learning, physical, sensory, psychological, medical and temporary disabilities. Harvey Mudd College is committed to providing equal learning and working opportunities for students with disabilities. With the collaboration and support of the entire campus community, the Dean of Students Office facilitates full access to courses, facilities, programs, and services through reasonable accommodations, academic adjustments, consultation, and technical assistance.


Contact the Dean of Students Office to request accommodations. All requests must be accompanied by documentation as described below. The documentation will be reviewed by the Dean of Students and a member of Student Health and Counseling Services. The student will then be notified of the outcome of the review.

Notifications and Confidentiality

For accommodations that impact the classroom environment or teaching procedures, we will notify your professors of the necessary accommodations at the beginning of every semester., We will not discuss your diagnosis with them unless you request that we do so. We may share some or all of this information with personnel responsible for facilitating your accommodations, but only to the extent that is necessary for them to do their jobs. Otherwise, this information will be kept confidential.

Your Responsibility

Although the Dean of Students Office will notify your professors of your accommodations, it is your responsibility to meet with them to discuss the accommodations you require. In particular, if you require an accommodation that makes it difficult for you to take an in-class exam during the regular class period, you must fill out the Exam Authorization Form (PDF) at least 7 working days before the exam.


Accommodations that substantially alter the integrity of the educational experience will not be granted.


Harvey Mudd College operates in accordance with the principles of the Association on Higher Education and Disabilities (AHEAD). In particular, we require documentation to meet its “Seven Essential Elements of Quality Disability Documentation.

With respect to the documentation of learning disabilities, the specifics of our requirements are as follows:

  1. Documentation must include the results of standardized tests addressing, minimally, aptitude, achievement, and information processing.
  2. Testing must be administered by a licensed professional, such as a certified learning specialist, psychologist, or physician qualified to assess and diagnose learning disabilities. The name, title, and professional credentials of the evaluator must be clearly stated in the documentation.
  3. Testing must be current. Generally this means that the testing must have been done in the last three years.
  4.  Actual test scores must be included in the report, along with a narrative interpretation of the results.
  5. Documentation should state the accommodations being requested and explain how each compensates for the learning deficits resulting from the disability.
  6. The documentation should include a summary of the student’s educational and medical histories, insofar as they relate to the learning disability.

If you have any questions, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 909.621.8125 or dean_of_students@hmc.edu