Dorm Leadership

Students take an active role in overseeing and preserving the residential aspect of HMC culture by becoming dorm leaders.

These positions give students the opportunity to manage the dorm’s social and individual needs. Each year, available positions include dorm proctor, president, treasurer, social and athletics representatives, and more.

Proctors are on call 24/7 and handle emergency situations, student conflicts, and peer counseling and advising. Dorm presidents are responsible for leading dorm meetings, mediating discussions about facilities and services, coordinating social activities, and responding to whole-dorm concerns.

Dorm Proctors 2013-2014

Dorm Mentors 2013-2014

Dorm Presidents 2013-2014

  • Atwood: Jennifer Sharma, Christian Mason, Eoin Nugent
  • Case: Marie Kirkegaard, Ivan Wong, Paul Jerger, Nick Carter
  • East: Devon Stork, Sidra Hussain
  • Linde: Bryan Trujillo, Corinne Druhan, Ethan Kenny
  • North: Ryland Miller, Crystal Hsu, Kyle Shan
  • Sontag: Jacob Bandes-Storch, Najla Bulous, Matt Wilber
  • South: Josh Sanz, Matt Dannenberg, Gourav Khadge
  • West: Sarah Stevens, Sagar Batchu, Alex Melville
  • Off Campus: Minnie Lai

Dormitory Affairs Committee (DAC)

The DAC is composed of dorm presidents and meets weekly at noon on Fridays in Hoch-Shanahan Dining Commons.

Elected each spring by upperclass students, dorm presidents lead dorm meetings, respond to concerns from residents about dorm facilities and services and coordinate room draw and social activities.