Explore – and share – your interest in music, art, sports, dance, robotics, multi-variable calculus, environmental research, community service, improv comedy, puzzle competitions, cooking (insert your particular passion here – or find a new one!). If Harvey Mudd doesn’t have it, join a group at any of the Claremont Colleges.

  • Dos Muchachos
  • Student Organizations
  • Athletics
  • Parties and Events
  • On Campus

    Harvey Mudd hosts a full range of activities, including student government, clubs and organizations, recreation, athletics and community service.

    Many of these programs are coordinated through the Dean of Students Office.

    • The DOS Activities Team plans and organizes events for the entire campus
    • The LACtivities committee handles tournament and event planning for the Linde Activities Center
    • The Committee for Activities Planning organizes non-dorm-based events
    • The Social Committee of ASHMC, Mudd’s student government, handles on-campus parties.

    Events are scheduled through the ASHMC calendar of events.

    The Claremont Colleges

    Harvey Mudd students attend events at all of The Claremont Colleges, such as concerts, speaker series, art exhibits, theater productions, sports and trips.