Study Abroad by Major

Choosing courses can be a daunting task for any major, especially when considering studying at a foreign institution. The academic departments at HMC and the OSA have provided tools to help make this task a little less stressful.

Below are listed two items for each major: a study abroad Major Advising Page (MAP) and a page which lists specific HMC major courses and the corresponding course offered at universities on our approved programs list. These specific Harvey Mudd College courses were chosen so that students can continue taking courses as they would if they stayed at The College, reducing the need to delay a course until the senior year. Though corresponding courses have been pre-approved by the study abroad academic advisor in each department, students are still required to follow each department’s course approval process. This process is still ongoing, and there are institutions not listed that may offer a similar course. If you’re interested in taking a major course at a university that’s not listed, speak with your study abroad advisor.

  • Biology MAP (PDF)
  • Recommended Courses for Biology Majors – on their way!
  • Chemistry MAP (PDF)
  • Recommended Courses for Chemistry Majors – on their way!
  • Computer Sciece MAP (PDF)
  • Recommended Courses for Computer Science Majors – on their way!
  • Engineering MAP (PDF)
  • Recommended Courses for Engineering Majors
  • Mathematics MAP (PDF)
  • Recommended Courses for Mathematics Majors – on their way!
  • Physics MAP (PDF)
  • Recommended Course for Physics Majors